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Welcome to LiveView’s news roundup for Professional Security Companies, Systems Integrators and Wireless CCTV users.

3G Router and 3G-WIFI DVR Offer

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2014-01-1.jpg Teltonika RUT-500 T-2F/7 3G Router
(While stocks last)
£ 100.00 + VAT + Del’y
2014-01-2.jpg SerVision MVG-200W 3G/WIFI DVR £ 569.00 + VAT + Del’y

3G/4G/WIFI CCTV – Video over cellular/mobile networks:

With our recorders you can use 3G/4G mobile broadband SIMs from mobile phone companies or WIFI networks to connect to the Internet.

In this way you can stream live and recorded video, bi-directional audio and triggered alerts over 2G, 3G, 4G or WIFI connections. This means that you can see cameras from virtually anywhere as long as you are connected to a mobile phone signal; on vehicles, on bodies, on posts, remote locations, in fact from anywhere you want to secure or keep an eye on.

3G/4G-WIFI CCTV on a body vest for up to 2 cameras:


3G-4G-WIFI CCTV on vehicles for 2,4 or more cameras :

Vehicle CCTV over 3G/4G/WIFI

It is becoming increasingly common to find CCTV cameras on all types of vehicles; from buses to trucks, emergency service vehicles to cars. They are not very different to those installed on commercial or domestic properties but of course need to be ruggedized to be able withstand the vibrations and jolts of driving on bumpy roads. With the aid of cellular and WIFI technology, they can stream live video and GPS positions to viewers on PCs, lap-tops, smartphones and iPads.


Our equipment is installed on Emergency Service vehicles, high value goods in transit vehicles to buses, coaches, waste vehicles and vans and cars.


Cab camera to protect driver from attack                      Mini hi-res, vehicle dome camera

In addition to security related benefits of reduced robbery, theft and assisting the Police to secure convictions, vehicle CCTV provides other benefits including:

  • Providing irrefutable evidence in the event of accidents and legal proceedings
  • Reduced fraudulent claims against owners and drivers
  • Supporting driver training for safer and improved driving
  • Protection for drivers who may be wrongly accused; “I saw your driver driving whilst on a mobile phone, no seat belt, abusive behaviour …”
  • Helping companies to respond to customer complaints about drivers

After only one week on one recent truck installation video evidence proved that the driver of the vehicle was at fault for reversing into a car that had just stopped behind him. He hadn’t seen the unfortunate lady but the evidence quickly resolved that she wasn’t liable for the £4,000 repair bill. Insurance companies are becoming increasingly interested in CCTV video footage for obvious reasons.


Just about to reverse into an unfortunate lady !!                3G-WIFI Vehicle CCTV recorder

Another example of our vehicle CCTV solutions was to install cameras on “Shredding vehicles”. These trucks travel to clients and shred confidential papers and documents for their customers. The client wanted video evidence for his customers to prove that jobs were done along with a variety of other benefits. One vehicle even shredded cigarettes and bottles of wine for Customs and Excise – yes bottles of wine !


Example cameras on a typical shredding vehicle

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