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Welcome to LiveView’s news roundup for Professional Security Companies, Systems Integrators and Wireless CCTV users.

3G Monitoring for Wind Turbines 

Installing Wind Turbines requires a large investment and it is therefore no surprise that operators are keen to ensure that their investment is secure and operating effectively. LiveView offer a wireless camera solution to meet those objectives.

Using high resolution cameras, wireless motion detectors and professional remote monitoring over mobile phone networks, operators can be assured that their investment is secure. They can also view their cameras with smartphones, iPads or PCs anytime, from anywhere to check on what’s going on and confirm that they’re investment is performing.


Typical views with zoom camera triggered by motion detection to alert a monitoring station



The system comprises a 3G-4G modem with SIM card to provide an Internet connection for the digital video recorder and wireless motion detectors. It can be programmed to alert professional monitoring stations and operators that intruders are on site, 24 hours a day or at selected times.

With a PTZ (Pan, tilt, zoom) camera programmed to move to pre-set positions the monitoring station can rapidly determine what action to take; for example make an audio challenge using the PA system, call the operator, site manager or Police.  

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